11 Plus and Entrance examinations are considered as the threshold to an exceptional academic future, as well as a successful and rewarding career. Passing the 11 Plus examinations is an achievement that will have a lasting impact on the direction of a child’s life.

While teaching English at William Hulme’s Grammar School in Manchester, I was responsible for the setting, marking and assessment of the school’s English comprehension and creative writing Eleven Plus exam. Furthermore, through experience gained tutoring many pupils from the Primary stage over the last ten years I understand exactly what the leading independent schools in the North West are looking for when selecting their next Year 7 entry.

It is frequently the case that schools produce their own papers for English. Understanding what is needed for each school is one area of expertise I can offer, as well as the skills to bring children up to the right level if they have the ability and the work ethic to succeed.

I am currently tutoring pupils in years 4 – 6, all of whom are targeting a different group of independent school entrance examinations for entry in year 7. Each one of these pupils has an individual plan, formulated according to their current level of ability and achievement, which identifies clear targets for them whilst working with me.

I set high expectations and am highly regarded by the people I work with – pupils and parents – not just for my track record of success, but for the way I work with such commitment and flair. Whilst being conversant with the format of the papers is one important element of what I instil in each pupil, so is the harnessing of creative talent with language to enable them to express themselves with confidence, accuracy and flair in the writing sections of the examination.

Perhaps no exam can have such an impact on a young person’s life as the one taken to determine where they will spend their secondary phase. If you would like to talk to me about how I can help your child, please contact me to arrange an appointment or discussion.

Highly recommended

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jonathan as a tutor. My daughter Sophie was understandably very nervous about taking the entrance examinations to a few schools, including Altrincham Girls and Withington Girls. Jonathan settled her down very quickly, building up her confidence and self-belief.

He managed to inspire her to work independently and prepare with enthusiasm for the sessions with him, some of which were online and conducted without any fuss at all. He has super communication skills and a warm encouraging manner and, with his help, Sophie achieved her targets. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jackie Henderson

Jackie Henderson

11 Plus, March 2022

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