I offer a range of educational consultancy services to assist clients. Please see below for detail.

11 Plus Assessment and Schools Advice

I have a very good knowledge of schools in the Cheshire and South Manchester area. I attended Manchester Grammar School, trained to do my PGCE at Manchester University during which year I had contact with a range of secondary schools in the area, and have worked in education in the North West for most of my career. Inevitably, I have built up very useful knowledge and contacts that are of benefit to parents and pupils in my tuition services.

I can advise parents about grammar and independent schools in the area on matters such as the entrance examinations and the suitability of pupils for those schools based on their academic achievement and interests as they approach Year 7. The scope of these services depends to a large extent on the client in each case: for some, I assess a child’s work, interview them and produce a written assessment that enables parents to make an informed  decision about future options for others, a simple face to face meeting about a particular entrance examination works best.


Holiday Courses

In the holiday periods I run booster courses from my office in Knutsford, accommodating up to six pupils at a time in engaging, focused sessions on various elements of their courses. Over the last few years, the most popular ones have been to do with GCSE. Included in the options available for the coming academic year will be courses such as Creative Writing for Language Paper 1; Analysis of unseen poetry for Literature; Transactional Writing – a guide to success in Language Paper 2.

Away from the pressures of the school week, students can bring all their concentration to bear on areas of the syllabus they find a bit tricky, or simply want to excel in. In small tutoring groups conducted in a pleasant environment, learning is accelerated. The sessions are fun, inspiring and demanding, provided participants with a clear sense of purpose and achievement.


UCAS Applications and Personal Statements

For many of my years in teaching I was a sixth form tutor so I know a lot about applying to university through the UCAS system. All three of my own children have been through this stage too, so I understand the parental perspective as well.

I am frequently asked by my A level students if I can help with advice about university entrance and with putting the personal statement together so it has a clear focus and delivers exactly what is necessary to enhance the chances of a successful application.

Since this is a service that is needed by many students, I am now offering this to anyone who needs help and advice. The hourly rate is my standard charge at the time of writing. Usually there is an initial meeting and discussion of priorities and aims, followed by the submission of notes/writing to me which I will help to reshape efficiently.

Contact me if this service is of interest to you.


USA College Entry  SAT / ACT exams

Over the last few years I have helped a number of students with successful applications to study in the US with private tuition for the SAT and ACT tests.

By way of a brief introduction to what this involves, please read on!

SAT and ACT Tests

The vast majority of highly ranked US colleges require applicants to submit scores from one of the US admissions tests, either the SAT or the ACT. The SAT includes sections of Critical Reading and Writing whereas the ACT has sections on English and Writing. Essentially, however, the knowledge and skills being assessed are very similar in both tests: an ability to understand demanding texts and a high level of skill in expressing arguments and opinions in coherent, elegant writing.

A strong test score in either the SAT or ACT is a prerequisite to a successful application and, because these tests differ significantly in content and style from the external exams UK students typically have to face, structured tuition is considered essential.

Tuition for the Tests

I can offer expert tuition in the English components of both SAT and ACT tests. Private one to one tuition is the best and quickest way for a student to become conversant with the format and demands of the tests. Typically, my sessions with students cover the following:

  • Practice tests and full feedback
  • Essay writing skills
  • Grammatical awareness sessions
  • Language variety – analysis of a range of texts

Sessions with me are varied, challenging and engaging and I guarantee that students will make rapid progress. With careful planning, I will structure the learning around the student’s needs,

If you are thinking of applying to the US and need help preparing for the tests contact me for an initial consultation. As well as help with the English part of the tests, I can offer guidance and help with regard to the whole process of applying to the US.