Private tuition at A level can make a huge difference. Competition for university places is tough so getting the very best grades is essential.

I offer tuition in both English Literature and English Language at A level, though most of my current students are taking Literature. Over a teaching career spanning almost twenty years, I specialised in A level English and was a highly respected teacher with a reputation for achieving exceptional grades with my classes.

I am conversant with all the major exam boards and syllabuses, but most of my work is with AQA and Edexcel, the two most popular ones for schools here in the North West. Whilst there are significant differences in course structure and texts studied, the common skills required by all A level syllabuses are those that have underpinned study at this level for many years: critical thinking, literary analysis and accomplished essay writing (especially in timed conditions).

The specific requirements of my students are varied. For some, it will be improving their understanding of a particular set text or how to approach an unseen poem, whereas for others it will be learning how to develop a more robust, engaging essay style that maintains a clear focus on the question at all times. 

Many of my students start working with me in Year 12 and stay with me all the way through to the conclusion of their A level studies, since they find that the help I can give them benefits them in other ways too, particularly if they are taking complementary subjects in the Arts and Social Sciences.

Brilliant tutor! Highly recommended!

Thanks to Jonathan for rekindling my daughter's love of English. He is a brilliant English tutor and gave her the enthusiasm to organise her revision at a crucial time, offering plenty of insight into essay technique as well as giving her some useful ways of structuring her time in a busy revision period.

From languishing at a low C grade in her mocks, she managed to achieve an A in her English Literature A level and get to the university of her choice. The sessions with Jonathan changed the direction of her life at a critical time.

Claire Dalton Summer 2022

Claire Dalton Summer 2022

English Literature A Level

Oxbridge Tuition

I offer specialist tuition for students taking the ELAT exams to gain entry to Oxford or Cambridge, including help preparing for interview. This was a part of my work when I taught A level in schools and I enjoyed a high rate of success with the students who were able enough to be selected to attempt this huge step forwards in their academic lives.

I really love teaching at this level as the students are invariably highly motivated, well read, engaging and exceptionally talented in their handling of literary texts. I put a high level of emphasis on developing independent critical skills since the examination presents students with unseen texts from all genres and time periods, really challenging their ability to see connections and lines of argument that will result in a coherent, engaging piece of writing delivered under immense pressure.

Some schools are able to offer the extra time and help that is needed for students taking these exams, but not all, and for those that do, the pressures in other areas may compromise the amount of provision they can deliver over the relatively brief period that students have to prepare. It is worth remembering too that in most cases these students also have all their A level work to keep up with.

This makes private tuition a sensible option for many students and parents. I have a history of success in this area and a genuine passion to help students achieve their dreams, so please get in touch for an initial discussion to see how I can help,