How we begin

I begin by identifying the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses before agreeing a learning plan that focuses sharply on improving performance in those areas that most urgently need addressing.

Students vary greatly in what they need and wish to focus on. For some, it is mastering writing skills which enable them to express their ideas in clear, engaging English. For others, it might be an opportunity to delve more deeply into set texts, discussing key passages, formulating independent ideas and improving the quality of their notes.

To help me in the initial assessment phase, please have some of the following resources to hand:

  • School reports
  • Recent work done in English
  • Information about the program of study for the year at the school

Tutoring Sessions

Once we get started on the tutoring sessions, work will be assessed regularly and clear feedback given so that the student knows how to improve. I prepare diligently for each session, making sure that the student builds momentum and understands the purpose of the work set. My aim is that students look forward to the sessions and become keen to learn!

I am enthusiastic, able to motivate and I set high standards that I expect the students to embrace. Students will quickly see that they have to work hard and be properly prepared for every session!  I will help students achieve the grades they have set their sights on by giving them a clear understanding of how they are assessed and exactly what they need to do in the various elements of the examinations they are taking.

Parents appreciate how I work with my students to get the most out of them in a very short space of time.

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