Focus on improvement

There are many reasons for the surge in interest in the benefits of private tuition. Most importantly perhaps, parents want to give their children the best possible education so that they are equipped with the grades they need to pursue their ambitions in the future.

I can identify which areas of a student’s English need addressing, working with you to agree a plan and structure so that we focus on achieving the results you need. In busy classrooms, with the focus necessarily on the needs of the whole class, it is not always possible to deliver the individual help and guidance a particular student requires.

It’s a competitive world!

With increased pressure for entry to the best schools at 11-18, as well as on sixth form and university entrance later in a student’s academic career, competition for places is fiercer than ever. Helping a student as they approach these critical junctures can be invaluable and can of course play a large part in determining their future life chances.

Whatever your ability, private tuition can benefit you

Private tuition benefits students of all abilities. Students who are experiencing difficulties in English are often pleased to have the chance to work with a tutor who can explain things carefully and address the student’s individual needs.

For those students struggling in a subject, having the time with a tutor can provide them with the confidence to make the most of their potential. Tutor sessions can also help students address specific areas of concern and make quick progress in a supportive, one on one environment. My tutoring can help boost a student’s confidence as well as improve their chances of success in external examinations.

At the other end of the spectrum, gifted students might need a little extra impetus in order to fully develop their potential; a private tutor can provide this with the right level of teaching and suggestions for extra reading, as well as extension work in writing and essay skills. For students doing well in the subject, tuition can also help with fine-tuning examination and revision technique, or more in depth discussion of literary texts and ideas for further reading. One of the key benefits of private tuition is the way the program of study can be tailored exactly to a student’s changing needs.

Revision and examinations

Most students need some help as they approach their examinations.  It pays to make sure your reading and writing skills are at the highest level you are capable of achieving. I can help with the specific writing skills required in English Language and English Literature at GCSE and A Level.

As well as students looking for structured help as with English examinations, I can also help those students who are simply looking to improve their written style overall.  Given that English is the language in which examinations are assessed, there are clear benefits to refining how you write so that ideas are expressed clearly and convincingly.

I can also help my students with improving their study skills: getting them organised, disciplined and clear in their thinking about how to approach their revision, how to structure their time so that it is used productively, and to integrate into any revision plan a balanced approach to the skills and knowledge that they are going to need to refine in order to achieve their best results in the examinations.

Ultimately, my aim is to improve your grades and to help you achieve the very best scores you are capable of.

Working at the student’s pace

One of the most important benefits of private tuition is that sessions can be structured so that the work is done at a pace that suits the particular child, keeping them motivated and engaged at all times, demanding their full attention and setting high expectations of them in terms of their preparation, commitment and immersion in the tasks set. There is no hiding place in a one on one session! More importantly perhaps, I can address the student’s particular needs in the most appropriate way so that genuine progress is made which, in turn, increases the student’s confidence and appetite for learning.

Tutoring, a space to learn free from distractions

With no other students in the room, the focus is uniquely upon the tutee and the work, providing and environment in which learning can take place at an accelerated pace. With a supportive, attentive tutor and an individual learning plan, students can tackle the areas of concern with confidence and enthusiasm, quickly achieving the momentum they need to make swift progress.

Helping students towards independent learning

One purpose of my tutoring is to help students to become better independent learners. I can help to give you the confidence to achieve the results you need with a focus on improving your skills in the subject and also enriching your understanding.  I will work with students towards setting goals and objectives for themselves, skills that are necessary for success in later life as well as at school. Both parents and students frequently cite this as one of the key benefits of private tuition.

Freeing parents from the stress of overseeing homework and trying to help

This can be fairly stressful for parents! We all want to do our best to help our children, but have to admit that sometimes we are out of our depth. It is also fair to assert that the relationship of parent and child is not always conducive to tackling problems of understanding or attitude with regard to schoolwork. Let the tutor take the strain!

Flexible and convenient

Having a tutor gives you some control. This is one of the benefits of private tuition that really helps in a hectic term! You can decide how many sessions you need and when you want them to take place. For example, with examinations approaching, you may wish to work with greater frequency and for longer sessions. Sessions can be conducted in your own home so there is no major interruption to your schedules.

It is important to understand that regular sessions create momentum since they allow me to return work quickly and to discuss it while it is fresh in the student’s mind, as well as enable the student to build on progress from one session to the next.

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