Coronavirus Update

The new guidelines from the government with regard to avoiding non-essential social contact will inevitably have an impact on how students and parents wish to proceed with tutoring over the coming weeks and months.

Though no decision has been made yet on school closures, pressure is building to bring this measure into effect with the government stating that the option to do so remains open. The timing of the summer exam period may be changed too, depending on how the time scales involved in dealing with the virus in the UK develop over the next few weeks.

In light of this developing situation, I am fine to continue with face to face tuition for now and will of course be observing the highest standards of hygiene with regard to the area in which the sessions are conducted. I However, I understand that tuition at my house may not be the best option for many of my students and their parents in the current circumstances.

With this in mind, a lot of my students are now opting for more online tuition with me, using either Facetime, Skype or Zoom. Discussion during online sessions is straightforward and I can assess written work as well.

Completed written work can be emailed to me at any time of course. I will always return it promptly with full, clear assessment and guidance on how to improve.

It is worth adding that in the event of schools closing, students will benefit from some regular contact with me not only for their work in English, but also for advice about revision programs and techniques if they are approaching a period of examinations. It is imperative that they remain focused on their work, both for academic reasons and to maintain a routine that provides them with some stability and reassurance in a challenging period of their lives.