Online tuition and the coronavirus

There’s an interesting article on the BBC today which includes a good section on the outlook for education in the near future and the role of online tuition.

Scroll down to the fifth section to see what Branwen Jeffreys has to say:

Over the past five weeks or so, all my sessions have moved online and students have adapted to this with remarkable ease, using technology like Zoom and Facetime effortlessly,

I think the main point for parents from the section in the article about education is that children are going to need a decent tablet / ipad to help them with their learning. Getting this sorted out now is a good idea since being conversant with the technology  and the new learning platforms will determine how a student negotiates online education going forwards.

These new online sharing resource platforms are also opening up new possibilities for students of all ages, even the very youngest. My current favourite is Bramble, a really impressive and clear platform that allows me to work on a text in real time with a student.

Bramble also provides a full text and audio record of each session, which has significant benefits for revision and the organisation  of an individual’s learning.

To find out more about Bramble – click here!

In all the gloom and uncertainty of lockdown, we have to recognise that there are some wonderful and potentially life improving solutions out there, and that in education innovators are taking us forwards into areas offering great potential in how we learn and manage our resources. Another takeaway is that online tuition cuts out travel time, emissions and stress – it is going to grow!