Entrance Examinations – Tuition

Entrance exam tuition  Altrincham Schools. 

Parents whose children are sitting vital entrance examinations for the two grammar schools in Altrincham  should consider the significant benefits of some private English tuition to boost the chances of success.

Children at this age really benefit from one on one help as they approach this big hurdle. Contact me for entrance examinations tuition.I will analyse strengths and weaknesses and put in place a strategy to enable the child to understand exactly what the particular exam they are sitting requires from them. With practice, constant feedback and enthusiasm, I can make a huge difference to their chances of passing.

I am fully conversant with the demands of the 11 plus. In one of my previous jobs I was involved in the content, organisation and marking of an independent school’s English entrance examination.

Entrance Exams for:
Altrincham Girls’ Grammar
Altrincham Boys’ Grammar
Manchester Grammar
Grange School Hartford
and many others……

Contact me now for a consultation if you want to harness your child’s chances of success.