Examination period approaching

With the examination period approaching, many GCSE and A level English students would benefit from sessions with a tutor in the following areas:

Subject knowledge – for example, extra tuition on a set text to supplement notes and improve understanding.  This is particularly important for A level Lit students, since a high degree of knowledge is required in order to achieve the best grades. One on one sessions are great for consolidating understanding of set texts; they provide an opportunity for the student to articulate a clear, personal response and for me to find out exactly where the weaknesses are.

I help the students by providing extra notes, setting questions that require them to organise and express their ideas as they will need to in the exams and by teaching with a rigour and focus that demands they demonstrate a solid grasp of their texts.

Most students have at least one set text they find less engaging or easy to write about! I can work with them to ensure that they have a robust understanding that will stand up in examinations when they are under presssure.

Examination technique – students might need help in order to improve performance on a particular paper, for example unseen poetry or descriptive writing.

Writing under pressure of time requires practice and refining. Preparation is also hugely important, so that students arrive in their English examinations knowing exactly what is required, both in terms of time management and how to craft a coherent, clear response to each of the tasks set.

Sessions with me will help enormously as the examination period approaches. Once I have assessed where a student needs to improve, we will address the weaknesses in a structured, supportive program which delivers progress and results. I work my students hard and drive them to achieve the best that they are capable of.